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ACS Re-assessments

Course Details:

This course is for Gas Engineers who are looking to renew their existing ACS qualifications: 
Are your ACS qualifications expiring soon? 
We can renew your qualifications for five years in 2-3 days at our state-of-the-art training centre in Grimsby. 

  • CCN1 – Core domestic natural gas (Pipework)
  • CPA1 – Flue gas analysers
  • CENWAT – Central heating boilers and water heaters
  • CKR1 – Cookers and range cookers
  • HTR1 – Space heaters and fires
  • MET1 – Domestic meters

What are the Entry requirements?

The entry requirements for this course is that you must have a current CCN1 qualification to undertake the re-assessment course, and most candidates will have appliances alongside such as those above, which can be renewed at the same time as the core natural gas (CCN1)

• How will I be trained?

On the morning of the first day, an informal training session will be held which provides a platform for group discussion about any changes that may have been implemented since the candidates last carried out their assessments.

• Where will I be trained?

The training will be carried out in one of the classrooms at our training centre facility in Grimsby, which includes monitors for presentations, whiteboards for diagrams and notes as well as gas appliances and meters connected to a live supply for practical demonstrations. • How will I be assessed? The assessment is carried out via theory question papers (a mixture of multiple choice and written papers) and a practical assessment carried out by a qualified assessor. Both written and practical elements of the assessment will pertain to core natural gas safety as well as any appliances undertaken.

• What will I achieve?

Upon successful completion of the course, ACS qualifications will be renewed for a period of five years, allowing candidates to continue to safely and legally work on gas appliances in domestic properties. Our certification body will automatically notify the Gas Safe register to inform them that the expiry dates on the certificates have changed.

What is the cost?


Interested In Taking The Course?

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