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LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)

Course Details:

For candidates that wish to carry out work involving Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Calor gas bottles.
ECS Gas Training Grimsby offer the changeover as well as the extras which include working on residential park homes and leisure accommodation vehicles.
Involves 2 question papers and a practical assessment – if the extras are desired, an extra question paper and practical assessment workbook will be required, as well as additional elements to the practical assessment.
Also available with or without training, depending on the level of confidence that the candidate has in their knowledge and practical ability.
Training and course duration depend mainly on the individual candidate’s knowledge.
The aim of these courses is to provide an opportunity for engineers to extend the scope of works that they are able to offer to their customers. They offer other competencies other than domestic natural gas safety, such as working with water-based systems and LPG bottles and systems.
• How do I add these onto my other main CCN1 training?
The water courses can be undertaken without holding CCN1, however it is a pre-requisite for LPG courses. They can generally be carried out on a date to suit you and it may be possible to combine different assessments to suit individual needs.
• What makes our courses unique?
We keep class sizes small and strive to provide a relaxed environment for candidates who may otherwise be nervous in a formal learning environment. Our training courses and assessments are run by experienced engineers who are not looking for a reason to fail people.

What is the cost?

LPG (Changeover - Permanent dwellings) is only £300.00 + VAT LPG (Changeover - Permanent dwellings + Residential park homes, leisure accommodation vehicles and WIDNEY fires) is only £500.00 + VAT

Interested In Taking The Course?

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